A How-To Oyster Shell Craft I used at my wedding as table name places! They work as unique wedding favours for guests or even if you're throwing an Under the Sea, Beach or Mermaid themed party! 
The idea of using oyster shells as name places was to act as a nod to my childhood growing up in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Bahrain is famous for pearl-diving and I thought oyster shells would be a fun way of personalising wedding favours for our guests accompanied with a small bag of mints to eat and to represent the pearls. Originally I was going to give out white chocolate pearls as edible favours but there was the risk that they might melt! Guests can take their shells home to use to hold coins, rings, soap or simply display them in the bathroom! 
You will need: 
2 large buckets 
Oyster shells (I got my shells from Loch Fyne Restaurant!) 
An old toothbrush 
Cleaning gloves 
Distilled Vinegar 
Spray Paint 
Gold pen 
Large cardboard box 
Dish washer liquid 
Cleaning the oysters is the hard part and I only recommend adults to do this. The kids can get involved in the fun painting stage later! 
Soak the oysters in a large bucket of water and 2/3 of bleach for at least 24 hours. I left mine for 3 days to make sure of removing the smell! Wear protective gloves and use an old toothbrush to scrub off any leftover dirt. For any rough edges on the oysters use sandpaper to smooth these down. Place the oysters into another bucket filled with clean soapy water. To make the oysters really shine I soaked them again in a bucket filled with water and distilled vinegar and then left them out to dry. 
When spray-painting find a ventilated area or preferably do this outside because of fumes. Make sure to use a cardboard box to avoid any overspray then leave to dry for 24 hours. I spray painted the backs of my oysters gold and applied two coats for a strong coverage then I wrote the names of our guests on the inside of the shell using a gold paint pen from Hobbycraft. 
For a Mermaid themed crafting party, set up a painting station for the children. Give them a clean oyster with some brushes and coloured paints to decorate themselves! Have confetti, glitter available for extra sparkle, allow the painted oysters to dry for the remainder of the party and then the children can take home their very own piece of mermaid treasure! Let Hire a Princess know if you give this activity a try and get in touch! 
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